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Software Review: Brave Browser

02/04/2021    By Admin

Brave is an open source browser based off Chromium. What marks it out in particular for me is its respect for privacy and ease of use.

Increasingly many big tech companies track your internet browsing history & store your personal information, which they then sell on to third party companies.

The sites you visit often install 'tracking cookies' on your browser which track your browsing activity across multiple sites and collect information about you.

Brave counters this by blocking these tracking cookies by default as well as blocking adverts on the sites you visit.

Brave runs notably faster than many of the more established browsers, the tracking and ad blocking software does not appear to have an adverse effect on the browser's speed, and in fact the absence of trackers and ads on the sites you visit likely contribute to its' faster performance.

Settings and Customisation
Brave has a range of customisable user settings which are easy to get to grips with and understand, even if you're not particularly technologically savvy. These settings cover a variety of areas from appearance to privacy settings to browser plugins.

Brave Ads & BAT Tokens
Brave allows users to opt-in to receive their own in-browser ads that take the form of small rectangular adverts in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Users receive some of the revenue from these ads in the form of 'BAT tokens'. These BAT tokens can then be donated to websites or content creators or your choosing, provided they have signed up with Brave to receive them (or you can donate them to yourself if you wish to sign up and verify yourself). The BAT tokens can then in turn be exchanged for cryptocurrency or fiat cash.

As an added privacy bonus, Brave has a feature enabling you to rout it through the Tor network.

Brave has also partnered with DuckDuckGo, which is a privacy respecting search engine that does not track user search activity.

Brave is an easy to use, fast, customizable browser, with a particular emphasis on user privacy. It is certainly my current browser of choice.


Usual Disclaimer: This article includes NO paid promotion. Chesterfield Business Guide has not received payment or any other benefit for this review. This is a review based on the author's own personal opinion.

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