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Plans Approved to Restore Stretch of Chesterfield Canal

07/05/2021    By Admin

Plans have recently been approved to restore a 1.6 mile stretch of the Chesterfield Canal linking Staveley to Renishaw.

The proposals were approved by Chesterfield Borough Council in April and will be completed by the Chesterfield Canal Trust. Once completed it will open this currently disused stretch of the canal to pedestrians, cyclists and boats.

The current accessible part of Chesterfield Canal is around 5 miles long and begins just North of Chesterfield and ends in Staveley. It is a popular location with residents and tourists alike, and a favourite of many dog walkers. It includes many attractions along the way including Tapton Lock Visitor Centre & cafe, and Katey’s Coffee Shop in Hollingwood before ending at Staveley Basin; home of the Canal Trust’s annual festival.

The current route contains 5 locks; Tapton Lock, Wheeldon Mill Lock in Brimington, Bluebank Lock in Whittington, Hollingwood Lock and Staveley Lock.

Much of the recent work around Hollingwood Lock and Staveley Lock, including the Hollingwood Hub and Staveley basin has been completed by volunteers from the Chesterfield Canal Trust, who are also responsible for much of the general maintenance of the canal and its walkways.

It is hoped the redevelopment of the new stretch will be completed by early 2022, and will increase the current accessible area of the canal in Chesterfield by around a third. After this there is roughly a further disused 7 mile stretch of the canal leading to Kiveton Park, at which point it connects to an accessable route which flows through much of North Nottinghamshire.

The Canal Trust is hoping to restore this remaining stretch of the canal by 2027, eventually connecting the two sections and creating a singular accessible route.

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