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Mental Health Peer Support

16/04/2021    By Admin

As mentioned in the previous article on mental health, an often overlooked aspect of mental health service provision is the role user led peer-support groups play in providing support.

While many may not be aware of them, there are several mental health peer-support groups active in and around Chesterfield.

Some provide support for specific mental health issues, such as Bi-Polar or Borderline Personality Disorder, while others are centered around a particular social activity.

Peer support groups are usually led by volunteers who often themselves have lived experience of mental health issues.

The lockdown has proved a challenging time for many peer-support groups, with restrictions placed on group gatherings. Some have continued to meet with social distancing in place, while others have transitioned to online video meetings such as Zoom calls.

Listed below is a link to an interactive map of peer-support groups in Derbyshire, including Chesterfield. The map contains information about each support group along with their contact details for people who may wish to join.

The map is created and maintained by the Derbyshire Recovery and Peer Support Service.

Please feel free to take a look:

Peer led support groups in Derbyshire

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